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We seek those who believe we deserve to profit from our own work and investments. We need YOU now, so that we can provide for ALL tomorrow. In a big way. And for the long term.

The need has never been greater.
The time has never been more relevant.

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What is Superbia?

Superbia, upon receipt of its charter, will be the first profit-for-purpose financial institution that solely exists to serve and advocate for the LGBTQ community.

We will offer quality, competitive products and services of regular banks, but Superbia, when formed, will be different because it will be owned and guided by its LGBTQ members.

We will offer financial products and services that honor the unique needs of the LGBTQ community — available to everyone, fairly, and without discrimination.

It’s your money. Once formed under the charter, every penny of Superbia’s profits will be returned to its members and the community. That means lower interest rates on loans, and higher interest rates on your savings.

Superbia’s success will be your success. The LGBTQ community will receive up to 30% of Superbia’s profit, and its application is 100% directed by our members.


To create a credit union that serves the unique interests and needs of the LGBTQ community, that distributes its profit to the causes and programs unique LGBTQ persons, Superbia must demonstrate the existence and need of the community to regulators and to industry.

Our existence is quite simple. There are an estimated 8.5–15 million LGBTQ people living in the United States. Our families, lives, and financial journeys, do not look like everyone else. The products we need and how we are communicated with should reflect our community, using our values—as we determine.

Our need as a group is heart breaking. In 2015, the combined buying power of our LGBTQ community was estimated to be $917 billion (Witeck Communnications, NGLCC report). But still, poverty besets the LGBTQ population at levels above national norms (Filene), and more than 1-in-4 LGBTQ people have reported being treated unfairly because of simply being LGBTQ.

Why do we not get a full return on that power?

Your contribution here is an important step. Your contribution is more than just funds to continue our development work, It is a hand up to show the existence and need of a large and activated community. It is the first step in allowing us to make our vision for a powerful and self-sustaining financial institution, owned and driven by the LGBTQ into a reality. It is a step toward resetting the priority of the LGBTQ community in the finance sector and beyond.

We seek founders and activists, allies and champions, and revolutionaries, who believe we deserve the profits of our own work and investments.

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Profits go back to the community

When not using profits to provide superior service to LGBTQ members, we will help members improve their financial health through a tailor-made range of credit and savings products, Superbia will use their profit to directly affect change for its members in two ways:

Once launched, Superbia and its members will use profits to affect immediate change in their communities by directly investing in programs and services, such as education, youth resources and care, health, and legal assistance.

In longer and broader terms Superbia will use the power of profits, and the weight of a financial institution, to lobby and affect change in areas such as religious freedoms legislation, workplace and marriage equality, and several growing youth issues.

There is no other profit-generating financial institution in the US who has committed this amount of financial resource to affecting change through community programs and services for the entire span of its corporate life.

Superbia will always be with its members to advocate for equality and change.

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Credit Unions versus Banks

In some ways,
a credit union is like a bank…

All banks and credit unions are chartered around these principal functions:

  • Accept deposits (savings and checking accounts) and investments.
  • Exchange currencies, clear checks, and transfer funds.
  • Lend mortgages, lines of credit, and credit cards.
  • Regulate business to efficiently maximize a return on investment, safely, within the bounds of the law, and as instructed by the agencies charged with its safekeeping.
  • Provide a safe and secure place to save and borrow.
A bank's focus is to deliver profits to a bottom line and to shareholders. This often means more frequent and higher fees, smaller returns on your deposits, and higher interest rates on loans.

In many ways,
a credit union is not like a bank…

  • A credit union exists to serve its members.
  • Every member equally owns a part of the credit union, unlike a bank, where a much smaller group receives the lion's share of any profit.
  • The profit made by a credit union is happily reinvested into the community, where it can do the most good.
  • A savings account at a credit union actually earns interest!
  • On credit cards, short-term loans, and mortgages, a credit union will often charge fewer fees and lower rates.
  • The debit cards and bank machines used by a bank are the same ones used by credit unions. In fact, it's the same for everyone around the world.
  • Credit unions are significantly smaller in size than most banks, and are organized to serve a particular group, region, or industry. YOU.
The credit union philosophy is members helping members.
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Discrimination is still a thing

True or false?

LGBTQ face discrimination in the finance sector


Discrimination can be overt and bold, but often it is subtle and systemic. No matter where you find it, its affects are the same. We are treated differently because we are perceived as different.

Credit as a weapon

Like it or not, we need credit because it affects our lives in the most fundamental of ways: shelter, education, health, and safety.

In much the same way that a bakery can refuse to sell us a cake, a bank’s discrimination can look like:

  • higher interest rates on homes
  • rejection of student loans
  • judgments on credit based on health
  • outdated heteronormative products and services
  • the lack of any understanding or acceptance from the people or institutions who would take your money and profit from it

In 2018, it's hard to believe that our sexual orientation and gender identity can be considered when accessing credit in 36 states and Washington, D.C.

Only 14 out of 50 states have credit anti-discrimation laws protecting the LGBTQ when accessing credit.

This means, "72% of LGBTQ population lives in states that do not prohibit credit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity". Movement Advancement Project

Q: Does my current bank do enough?

In 2015, LGBTQ causes were granted a total of $160,000,000, just


of the US finance sector's wealth, estimated at


A: Not nearly enough.

Let's engage our economic power

In 2015, the combined buying power of LGBTQ was estimated at nearly a $1 trillion.

United by Superbia's purpose, our economic power is maximized, and the profit is always returned to the community.

Our support is sustainable

Unlike donations and support from corporations and foundations, which are reconsidered every year—for one more year.

Further, this good will is always at the mercy of external factors, such as personal opinion, corporate policy, investor priorities, or political climate.

Myles Meyers

Superbia's founder and visionary

Myles has had a long and successful career in global financial services, and has worked to bring increased wealth and greater financial security to millions of people around the world.

Today, Meyers continues to strive for the enrichment of the lives of others through the development and vision of creating Superbia, the first LGBTQ credit union.

Why has this not been done before?

Great question! Sadly, there is no single or simple answer. More importantly, the real question is 'why must it continue?' Well, times change, and the time to act has come. And we need YOU.

Meyers believes that the LGBTQ community can (and should) organize itself in a way like never before, and to use our own considerable economic power to OUR full advantage.

Meyers was inspired to start Superbia by the sheer lack of authenticity and commitment by financial services organizations when serving the LGBTQ community. As well as experiencing discrimination first hand.

Meyers has more than 25 years of financial services experience, and has developed an immense network of proven profit-makers. He and his team intend to demonstrate the true power of this community, and how we can bring about sustainable and revolutionary change through our money.

Fuelled by the uncertainty of today’s geopolitical complexities, Meyers is committed and devoted to the success and purpose of the Superbia movement.

It's time to start this revolution

Your help is needed, and your contribution is vital to bring Superbia to life.

To gain the ear and confidence of the finance industry and the regulators that govern credit unions, Superbia needs to demonstrate the will, the need, and the voice of the LGBTQ community.

We must speak up and and speak directly to the point: Our vision of an LGBTQ-focused credit union is not a luxury, but a necessity.

YOU can fuel this revolution with a contribution. And please, spread the word to everyone you know, so they can stand with us.

Whatever it takes to disrupt the status quo, we need you.

Join the revolution

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